The Right Equipment

The Right Equipment


When planting or converting your landscape into a water-efficient landscape, you must consider how it will be watered. The Right Equipment for your irrigation system can help water your landscape efficiently. There are a variety of irrigation products available to help you modify or create a water-efficient irrigation system. Properly maintaining your irrigation system will also help save water.

 Drip Irrigation
 drip system

Most Efficient: Drip irrigation delivers water directly to the plants’ root zone areas and is one of the most efficient ways to water your landscape. Pressure regulators are required for drip. The recommended operating pressure ranges from 20-40 psi (pounds per square inch).

You can build a drip system from the ground up even if you have an existing sprinkler system in place. There are a variety of ways to convert your overhead sprinklers into drip irrigation, such as drip kits and drip conversion heads. 

Weather-Based Irrigation Controller

Replacing your conventional irrigation timer with a Weather-Based Irrigation Controller (WBIC) can potentially save you lots of water. WBIC’s automatically adjust watering times based on weather conditions. They operate by using real time data signals, historical data, and/or on-site sensors. 

$500 Rebate: Let your automatic timer keep track of your schedule. $380 per clock for less than 1 acre of landscape; $25 per station for more than 1 acre. Plus an additional $120 for installation. Find out more

Schedule Your Timer: Visit the IRWD Control Your Controller page to learn how to properly schedule your sprinkler timer. Save Our Water offers in depth Sprinker 101 resources: read more



 Water-Efficient Nozzles
 irwd sprinkler

Replacing your pop-up spray head nozzles with water-efficient nozzles, such as rotary nozzles, can also help you save water. These types of nozzles help distribute water in a more efficient manner and at a slow rate which minimizes runoff. They also distribute water more evenly --another plus for water savings.

$$ Rotating Spray Nozzles:  Save more water than you think, up to 7,500 gallons a year. $4 per nozzle rebate is available. Find out more


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