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Turf Removal Program

drought tolerant house 01Remove Green. Receive Green.

Help California save water by removing your grass. Say goodbye to the hassle, maintenance, and expense of lawns.

Artificial turf is not eligible for the rebate.

Program terms and conditions are subject to change. View current terms and conditions.

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• Receive $5 per square foot for removing lawn using potable water.
• Receive $3 per square foot for removing lawn using recycled water.
Capped at max of 5,000 sq.ft.; 250 sq.ft. minimum



• Receive $5 per square foot for removing lawn using potable water.
• Receive $2 per square foot for removing lawn using recycled water.
Capped at max of 50,000 sq ft per fiscal year


Public Agency

• Receive $4 per square foot* for removing lawn using potable water.
• Receive $4 per square foot* for removing lawn using recycled water.
Capped at max of 200,000 sq.ft.per fiscal year

ExamplesView examples of areas that DO and DO NOT qualify for the Turf Removal Program (pdf)

Participation in rebate programs could be discoverable under the California Public Records Act.

University of California Turf Identification Website
Identify the type of turf you have on your property so you can properly remove its root structure

*For a limited time, public agency sites may be eligible to receive an enhanced funding of an additional $2 per square footContact IRWD for details.


Landscape Redesign

Not sure what to do after you remove your turf? Go to, or start with the resources below.

RightScape Resources
Detailed photos of RightScapes and plant lists along with landscape design advice

Tree of Life Nursery Resources
Replacing your lawn with native plants

Invasive garden plants and alternatives
Recommendations from

Frequently asked questions

Customers start the rebate process by filling out the application. Normally, customers receive a response within 2-3 weeks* for an inspection date, where an employee comes out to measure the landscape area and confirm the presence of turf. The customer then receives a Notice to Proceed. The work must be completed within 60 days but extensions may be granted if needed. A post-inspection will be conducted after work is completed. If approved, a rebate check will be mailed out. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery of the rebate check. Rebate funding for your project is not established until you receive your Notice to Proceed. It may take up to 5 weeks to process and send out your Notice to Proceed.

*Due to increased participation in this program, processing times have increased.

No. You may allow your grass to brown out while waiting for your inspection but be sure to leave it in place so it can be measured for your rebate amount.

As long as the presence of grass is still evident, then you still qualify for the rebate. The grass’ condition does not matter. Areas where grass is absent, such as bare soil patches, will not be counted.

AB 2100 prohibits HOAs from imposing fines against homeowners for reducing or eliminating irrigation during drought, while AB 2104 states that any provision of an HOA's governing documents (CC&Rs, etc) is void and unenforceable if it prohibits the use of low water-using plants or replacement of turf.

If you are still having trouble with your HOA, please email us at or call us at 949-453-5581.

No, IRWD does not rebate artificial turf.

No. Rebate applications must be filled out prior to removing your grass.

There are multiple ways to remove your existing turf. Take a look at the multiple do-it-yourself options Nan Sterman provides in this Bye Bye Grass video.

The rebate is meant as an incentive to replace turf and to subsidize replacement costs, not completely eliminate them. However, with newly-approved IRWD rates calculated based on water-efficient landscape rather than turf, residents can expect savings through their water bill.

Replacing turf is also a great way to help California save water.

Eligible areas are as follows:

  • Front yards, back yards, and/or side yards as long as a minimum of 250 square feet is removed.
  • If you have less than 250 square feet the entire turf must be removed.

The project area must be a low flow system (drip or high efficiency, low precipitation rotating nozzles). If part of the turf is converted, the sprinkler system must be properly modified to provide adequate coverage to the remaining lawn without spraying the converted area. If the irrigation system is not replaced with a low-flow system, it must be properly capped off or removed and hand-watered.

Please review our list of local residential landscapers that have completed the IRWD training, or visit our Resource Hub for more help. 

IRWD offers free workshops and resources to IRWD customers. Sign up for any upcoming classes to learn more about efficient landscaping and gardening. Review our landscape design resources for plant lists and design examples.


Got more questions? Call our Water Use Efficiency Department at (949) 453-5581 or email