Irvine Desalter Project

IDP 098A2779 x725A diversified water supply is a reliable water supply.  In the late 1980s, it was discovered that portions of the groundwater beneath Irvine has high salts levels because of the natural geology of the area and the history of agricultural use. The Irvine Desalter Project is designed to clean the elevated levels of salt in this previously untapped local groundwater thus adding to IRWD’s drinking water supply.

The Irvine Desalter Project consists of five wells located near the I-5 Freeway in Irvine.   Salty water is pumped from these wells and sent to the IDP treatment facility. The treatment process uses reverse osmosis, decarbonation and disinfection to make the water suitable for drinking purposes.  The purified water provides 5,100 acre feet or 1.6 billion gallons of drinking water, enough for 50,000 people, per year.

The IDP provides a local supply of water, ensuring a reliable source of water during drought conditions and for future generations.

Desalter Fact Sheet