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June 13, 2024 8:29PM
June 13, 2024 20:29PM

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Meters & Leaks

water-meter-webAll about meters

Your water meter is read monthly. Please help us serve you by keeping the meter box free of plants, shrubs, dirt and cement. Don’t risk contaminating your water supply by pouring paint, cleaning solutions or other chemicals into the meter box.

Have questions about your water meter? Get detailed meter information at



water-dripWater leaks in your home 

Did you know that a silent leak in a toilet can waste more than 40 gallons of water per day?  Low water pressure can also be caused by an undetected leak. To detect a leak you can monitor your meter, use dye tablets to test your toilets, and check your sprinkler system for leaks. 

Get more info about your valves, water pressure, and leak adjustments a

Think you have a leak? View our helpful videos on how to check & fix leaks at



Water leaks in your neighborhood 

Have you ever noticed a broken sprinkler or leak while out walking or driving in your neighborhood? With Log-a-Leak, you can help us help your neighbors save water.

IRWD’s new online tool pinpoints a location using GPS from your phone. Once you hit send, IRWD will contact the responsible person to get the problem fixed.

With more eyes out in the community, we can help more customers – including HOAs and businesses, where management might not be aware water is being wasted. Just go to and pin the location. We’ll take care of the rest.