Start/Stop Service

Start/Stop Service

Woman on phoneNew Customer? Moving? 
You have found your one-stop service center to establish water and/or sewer service with IRWD. 
  It's Easy to Stop & Start Service.  Here are some things to know.
  • We require at least one business day notice to start or stop service. These services are performed 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  

  • In order to establish service in your name, you will need to provide the service address, mailing address, contact phone number, a Social Security Number, and the date you wish to start service. A non-refundable, one-time service establishment fee of $25 will be applied to your first bill. A $50 deposit will be assessed in lieu of providing a Social Security Number.

  • Is your city serviced by IRWD? Certain cities such as Lake Forest, Orange, Newport Beach and Tustin are only partially serviced by IRWD. If you are not sure if IRWD provides service to your home, please call a Customer Service Specialist at (949) 453-5300 for assistance.

  • IRWD offers a free continuous service agreement for owners of rental properties that waives the $25 new service establishment fee each time there is a change in tenancy.  To sign up please call a Customer Services Specialist at (949) 453-5300. Download the Continuous Service Agreement for Property Managers.

  • You will be responsible for all charges until IRWD is notified that service is no longer required in your name.

  • IRWD does not transfer services. If you are moving, please request to stop service at your old address and request to start service at the new address.

  • In order to stop service in your name, all required fields MUST match current account information on file.

  • For Non-Residential Customers, please call Customer Service at (949) 453-5300 to start/stop service.

  Start/Stop Service Online (Residential Customers)


Start/Stop Service Online (Residential Customers)
  1. * Please complete all required fields.

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  4. (Must be Monday - Friday, with at least one business day's notice.)

  5. Customer Information

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  12. Social Security Number:
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  14. Service Address

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  19. Mailing Address

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  Customer Service

Telephone: (949) 453-5300
(Note: Email inquiries will receive a response within 24 hours, during regular business hours.)

  Customer Service Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Holiday hours and observances will be posted on the home page of the IRWD website.

   Please Remember!

After you set up your account, visit other sections of our website to learn all about YOUR water district.

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