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IRWD has provided free water education programs to local students and adults since the mid-1970s — supporting learning activities in the classroom, online, and out in the community to build awareness about the importance of water, its many sources, and how to use it wisely.

For more information, contact us at or 949-453-5500.

  1. For schools
  2. For the community
  3. Online resources
  4. Other resources
  5. Just for kids

For schools and teachers

Information on what we offer for schools and teachers.


Assemblies and field trips

We partner with Discovery Cube Orange County to create and provide free Next Generation Science Standards water education to K-8 students throughout our service area, including private school and home-schooling groups. These IRWD-sponsored activities, for grades K-6, include assemblies, workshops, labs and field trips to IRWD’s San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary.

Since 2007, more than 125,000 local students have benefited from this program. For more information, or to book a program, contact Discovery Cube by email or by phone at 714-263-3815.


Online resources for students

For the community

Information on what we offer members of our community.


Nature walks and programs

We also team up with Sea & Sage Audubon Society to support educational programs at the marsh, including community workshops, summer and day camps, bat walks, naturalist programs, birding programs and more. Visit for more information and scheduling, or stop by the Audubon House at the marsh!


Customized programming

IRWD experts are available for presentations and tours for local organizations, high schools and colleges. Click here for information.

Online resources

Videos, webinars and virtual tours for anyone who wants to learn about water.

For students

Virtual tours


Recycled Water, Green Communities

How do we keep home faucets flowing while also keeping the community so green and beautiful? IRWD employees walk you through our innovative process – showing how we transform used water into recycle water for landscape and other uses. Water is too valuable to use just once.

Journey of a Water Sample: How We Safeguard Your Water

Learn all about how IRWD scientists and water system operators safeguard your drinking water.

Workshops and webinars

View complete listing of recorded events on landscaping, leak-fixing, and more

Other resources

Additional information about educational programs offered by IRWD.

Annual Poster Contests

Each year, we invite students in kindergarten through fifth grade to participate in the "Water is Life" poster contest. Students have the opportunity for their winning art work to be published in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's annual calendar. Students in sixth through 12th grade may enter the Water Awareness Photography and Digital Arts Contest.

Expert Resources

Contact our Water Efficiency Specialists

View our Water Efficiency Resource Guide

IRWD experts are also available for education events such as science fairs, ask-a-scientist night, etc. For more information about IRWD's student education programs or to sign your class or student group up for a tour or lesson please contact us.

Just for kids!

Irvine Ranch Water District provides water for your home. That's important! We also have activities that will teach you how to use water wisely, and how to help keep it clean for everyone.


Take a tour of the San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary. See if you can reach the end!
>> Play the Marsh Game


Take a tour of the Michelson Water Recycling Plant. Find out how sewer water gets cleaned!
>> Play Eco Heroes Recycled Water Adventure



Do you know the FOG Song? Find out why it's important to keep fats, oil and grease out of your drain!
>> Learn the FOG Song



Go on a bat walk, join a workshop or summer camp, and learn all about birds with our partner Sea & Sage Audubon Society. Visit for more information and scheduling, or stop by the Audubon House at the marsh!

Sea and Sage


Every year we host a poster contest for kids from preschool through high school. Students are asked to create a poster that shows how to use water wisely at home, school, business or in agriculture, or show how saving water can help the environment. There's even a chance to be featured in a calendar!
>> Learn about the contest