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Student Education

classroomThe District has provided free innovative student water education programs since the mid-1970’s. These programs are available to students and teachers from kindergarten through college in any public, private or home school within our service area. From student education programs to resident tours to our exciting education partnerships, IRWD's commitment to community education is boundless.

Today, through an exciting partnership with the Discovery Science Center, we offer exceptional education programs meeting California curriculum content standards and bringing water education to life for the students in our service area.

The Discovery Science Center is dedicated to educating young minds and assisting educators in teaching science and technology in innovative and captivating ways, and enhancing public understanding and appreciation of science, math and technology through interactive programs and exhibits. 

IRWD also offers customized programs for high school and college classes highlighting a wide variety of topics related to water and environmental resources. Browse the tabs below for more information on IRWD's student education programs.

The Sea & Sage Audubon Society also offers an array of environmental educational programs at the IRWD Marsh Campus including Audubon Outdoor Adventures science program, nature day walks, bat tours, group tours, birding classes, Seasons of Nature walks, and more. 

  1. K-6th Grade Students
  2. 6th-8th Grade Students
  3. Other Programs
  4. Teachers

K-6th Grade Students

IRWD and the Discovery Science Center provide grade-specific water science and conservation assemblies to kindergarten through sixth grade students in our service area. Using individual student response keypad technology for interactive learning games, teachers engage and encourage student participation during presentations. All assemblies, regardless of grade level, stress the importance of conserving limited resources and preventing water pollution. Grade specific topics include: the forms of water, water as a resource, ecosystems, the water cycle, water sources, water recycling, energy and resources, and California's water. The grade school assemblies also feature IRWD's beloved mascot, Aqua Duck.

To schedule an assembly program for your class, teachers should call 714-913-5030.

6th-8th Grade students

IRWD and the Discovery Science Center offer a hands-on water education workshop series for middle school students in our service area. The series includes a session of in-class water chemistry and environmental resources lessons and concludes with a trip to the IRWD San Joaquin Marsh Campus. 

With an eye toward future careers, students: 

  • Use chemical test kits to determine aspects of water quality.
  • Conduct simulated biological surveys related to water quality issues.
  • Expand their understand of water as a basic element and essential and limited resource.
  • Explore innovative technologies such as water recycling.

To schedule an assembly program for your class, teachers should call 714-913-5030.

Other Programs:

Summer Camps

Discovery Science Center hosts science summer camps at the Marsh targeted specifically toward students in the IRWD service area. Summer Smiles Camp for 5-6 year-old students and Project Discovery Camp for 7-10 year-old students will be offered during the summer of 2010. 

Customized Classes

Additionally, IRWD can provide customized field trips and in-class lessons for your high school or college classes as well as for student community programs in our service area. Typical topics include, but are not limited to: water sources and geography; water treatment/quality; water recycling; economics/politics of water; conservation; horticulture; and careers in the water industry.

Annual Poster Contests

Each year, we invite students in kindergarten through fifth grade to participate in the "Water is Life" poster contest. Students have the opportunity for their winning art work to be published in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California's annual calendar. Students in sixth through 12th grade may enter the Water Awareness Photography and Digital Arts Contest.

Expert Resources

IRWD experts are also available for education events such as science fairs, ask-a-scientist night, etc.

For more information about IRWD's student education programs or to sign your class or student group up for a tour or lesson please contact us.


Looking for an education opportunity that you don't see here? IRWD is committeed to providing for the water education needs of teachers and students in our service area. We can work with you to provide a customized program for your class or education group. Field trips, tours and in-class lessons on a wide variety of water and resource related topic are available.

For educators who prefer to do the teaching themselves, the District provides many opportunities.

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)

Project WET is a one-day water science and education workshop featuring comprehensive water science and education training, curriculum and activity guide, and resources. The program, offered through a partnership with the Water Education Foundation, facilitates and promotes awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources through the dissemination of classroom-ready teaching aids and the establishment of internationally sponsored Project WET programs. For more information on when and where Project WET workshops will be held, please contact the IRWD Public Affairs Department at 949-453-5500 or visit the Foundation's webpage.