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Energy Saving Programs

Today's water and energy systems are interdependent. Energy makes up the most expensive part of water delivery, and water is essential to generating many forms of energy.

As a recognized industry leader with a history of implementing innovative and cutting-edge practices and cost-effective programs, IRWD seeks to further improve, optimize and reduce its energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions with an Energy and GHG Master Plan.

The plan identifies a portfolio of cost-effective projects to reduce the District's existing and future energy usage and costs, and as required under future regulatory conditions, reduce GHG emissions.

IRWD Energy & Greenhouse Gas Master Plan    

IRWD Energy & Greenhouse Gas Plan Summary Report

Save Our Water Campaign

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Embedded Energy Plan

Embedded Energy is the amount of energy used to develop, supply and treat water. The Irvine Ranch Water District recently completed an Embedded Energy Plan that quantifies energy use associated with each District facility involved in the production, treatment, distribution, collection, reuse and disposal of water and biosolids. Key results of the study demonstrate the spatial distribution of energy use throughout the District and the direct link between energy savings and water conservation. Major benefits to IRWD study include:

  • Demonstration of IRWD’s embedded energy reductions over time,
  • Quantification of the avoided cost of energy in water conservation programs
  • Identification of the most cost-effective geographic areas for future water conservation programs
  • Positioning IRWD to obtain energy utility funding for water conservation programs

  IRWD Embedded Energy Plan - Final Report 

 Solar Energy & Other Energy Saving Projects

IRWD is well known for its water conservation programs, and strives to conserve power and reduce dependency on fossil fuels as well. Nearly 700 solar panels on the roof of our Sand Canyon office building provide 20 percent of the total energy needs of the building through a 100 kilowatt system. The roof-mounted panels also provide shade, reducing the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling and extending the life of the roof itself.

The initial cost of this project was $1.4 million. IRWD received a rebate from California Edison for $243,000. At current energy rates the project is expected to pay for itself in 12 years or less. The solar panels have a life expectancy of 20 to 25 years. IRWD completed installation of more than 800 solar panels on the roof of the IRWD Zone 3 drinking water reservoir in April 2011. This project will provide approximately 365,000 KWh per year, or about half of the energy needed to run the reservoir facility.

The installation of the solar panels is just the latest in IRWD's energy management program. IRWD has also received nearly $600,000 in Edison rebates and incentives for installing energy-saving features in the Irvine Desalter Project, in a booster pump station, and outfall pump stations and other facilities. Those projects are estimated to save more than $400,000 annually on energy costs. Additionally, by reducing imported water use in the IRWD service area, the District has cut greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 20,000 tons annually.

 Save Water, Save Energy, Save Money

With climate change concerns, pervasive droughts, and high energy prices across the country, nearly everyone is looking for ways to conserve resources and cut costs. The good news is that by using a little “water sense” we can all use less water, energy, and more.

Residential rebates valuable water saving tips and tools as well as rebates. This will help you save money by saving water and energy during the coming summer month

Commercial rebates  are available for your business or large landscape

Go to Save Water & Money for additional tips and water saving tools. More background information on saving water and energy can be found on the US EPA WaterSense Website. The State of California Save Our Water Campaign also has great water savings suggestions.