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February 23, 2024 7:59AM
February 23, 2024 7:59AM

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For Residential Customers

On the surface, your bill is pretty simple: Use more water and the bill goes up. Use less and it goes down. That’s because IRWD uses a budget-based rate structure — which provides the water you need and gives you control to save money. 

Read the Water Efficiency Resource Guide to get started. 

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How IRWD residential customers can save water and money



Use the right plants

California-appropriate water-efficient plants are perfectly suited for our mild winters and warm, dry summers. They're low maintenance, use little water and don't need soil preperation or fertilizing. Redesigning your landscape is worth your effort. For tips on getting started, what plants to select, and how to apply for a rebate, go to our Landscape Redesign page.

Free planting guidelines: The IRWD Planting Guide provides helpful tips on how to establish native plants. 

$$ Get rid of the turf and get a Turf Removal Rebate that provides money for grass removed. Minimum of 250 sq. ft.


Use the right schedule

Use a watering schedule to keep your plants hydrated with the least amount of water.

$$ Weather-based irrigation controllers: Let your automatic timer keep track of your schedule. Find out more

$$ Schedule your timer to save water and money: Need help programming your sprinkler timer?


Use the right equipment

The right landscape equipment waters your garden efficiently and gets the most from every drop of water. Learn how to properly schedule your sprinkler timer

$$ Rotating spray nozzles: Save more water than you think, up to 7,500 gallons a year. Get a rebate for rotating sprinkler nozzles.


Look for water-saving rebates

No matter the size of your home, IRWD offers rebates for both indoors and outdoors.

View Residential Rebates


More useful tools

The three most important things you can do to save water

sprinkler icon1. Fix water leaks 
Check for leaks inside and outside your home regularly. Watch our videos to learn how to find them. Use the Log-a-Leak tool to let us know if there's a leak or over-use in your community.

grass icon2. Check your sprinkler timer 
Make sure you are not overwatering! Learn how to program your sprinkler timer, or start from scratch with our watering guide

leak icon3. Remove your grass 
Say goodbye to water-thristy turf and get a rebate to help with the cost. 



The Shed Show

Save water outdoors! Learn how to create a beautiful landscape without wasting water. IRWD’s Juan Garcia and his friends will show you how. 

View the most recent episode, or go to to watch them all and get helpful links. 

The Shed Show