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June 13, 2024 6:43PM
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For Residential Customers

On the surface, your bill is pretty simple: Use more water and the cost per unit of water goes up. Use less and it goes down. That’s because IRWD uses a budget-based rate structure — which provides the water you need and gives you control to save money.

Learn more about residential budget-based rates.

Live in a condo or apartment?
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The 3 most important things you can do to save water 

1. Fix water leaks. 

Go to the Customer Education Portal so you can learn how to do a home checkup (and ask for help if you need it).

Check for leaks inside and outside your home regularly.
Watch our how-to videos to learn how to find them.

Log in to the WaterInsight Portal to get a personalized home water report. See your water-use trends and get leak alerts, and stay in touch with IRWD to learn about upcoming events and rebate programs. You can also subscribe for alerts when there is a spike in your water usage.

Use the Log-a-Leak tool to let us know if there's a leak or over-use in your community.

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2. Check your sprinklers.

Use our Watering Schedule Guide. The guide offers a suggested irrigation schedule for sprinklers and drip irrigation systems.

Use our Landscape Checklist to conduct periodic checkups on your system throughout the year. If you identify leaking pipes, broken sprinklers, or inefficient irrigation schedules and need help fixing them, seek out an irrigation profressional to conduct an audit of your system.

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3. Replace your grass with California-friendly plants.

California native plants are water efficient and perfectly suited for our mild winters and warm, dry summers. Plus, they're low maintenance! Redesigning your landscape is worth the effort, and we can help! 

Get a rebate for replacing your grass with climate-appropriate plants. To qualify, apply before removing your grass. Visit for details. 


Other ways to save water (and money!)

Rebates and programs
Rebates are available for high-efficiency toilets, smart sprinkler timers, high-efficiency clothes washers, rain barrels, and more.

Events and classes
It's easy to learn how to turn your landscape, garden, or outdoor space into a water-saving oasis when you attend our super informative workshops. 


Additional helpful resources

The Shed Show

Save water outdoors! Learn how to create a beautiful landscape without wasting water. IRWD’s Juan Garcia and his friends will show you how. 

Go to to watch all the episodes. 

The Shed Show