Request A Water Variance

Request A Water Variance

poolIRWD encourages residential customers who need more water than their basic water budget provides to apply for a variance.

Variances are given for additional occupants, special medical needs, and larger landscaped areas, among other things. Variances are effective the date that the request is received by the District and must be renewed annually. 

All new customers receive a variance application with instructions. Customers who feel they qualify should complete a variance request form and return it to IRWD along with the required documentation. All incomplete applications will be returned. 

Customers can apply for a variance by using the online variance form or variance application.

Variance Request For Increased Water Budget
  1. Contact Information:

  2. First Name*:(*)
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  3. Last Name*:(*)
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  4. Address*:(*)
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  5. City*:(*)
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  9. Account#*:(*)
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  10. Email Address*:(*)
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  11. Reasons For Variance Request

    All variances require attaching supporting documents. Attached files must be 7 megabytes or less. Files may be attached in compressed archives.

    Please check all that apply.

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  14. Total number in household:
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  15. You will need to attach proof of permanent residency for EACH PERSON in the household. Proof may be children's birth certificates, school records, blank checks with preprinted name and address. income tax returns, drivers license, lease agreements, etc. Proof must be preprinted with current service address. Increased water budgets for additional occupants must be renewed annually. A renewal form will be mailed to you for this purpose.

  16. File Upload
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  24. Total number of square feet:
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  25. (soft landscape only)

  26. Submit landscape drawings or a sketch showing total square feet of the landscape. Include the surface area of your pool and spa. Do not include the hardscape area {i.e driveways, patios} as part of the total landscape. Record the dimensions of the total area in square feet.

    Is part of the landscape owned by the association but your responsibility to water for fire control?

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  28. Invalid Input
  29. Invalid Input
  30. Provide a doctor's note stating condition requires additional water usage.

  31. Invalid Input
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  33. (in a residential dwelling unit) Submit a copy of business license.

  34. Invalid Input
  35. Invalid Input
  36. Provide a list of the type and quantity of each type of livestock that requires additional water. Please be advised that a site visit may be required to verify.
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  38. Invalid Input
  39. There may be other instances where an increased water budget is appropriate. Please contact Customer Service at 949-453-5300 to discuss your needs.

  40. Review your information is correct and complete before clicking 'Send Request'. Make sure you have attached all required supporting files.


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