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July 12, 2024 7:42PM
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Redesign Your Landscape

Ready to plant like a local? Redesigning your landscape is worth the effort, especially when you choose California-friendly plants.

Here are resources to inspire and save you money.





Local Design Companies


Customized Plant List


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IRWD Demonstration Gardens


Garden Gallery


Guided Plant Search







Apply for a Rebate


Interactive Turf Demo


Water Calculator




The Shed Show

This fun and informative video series features everything you need to know to create a beautiful landscape without wasting water. IRWD’s Juan Garcia and his friends will show you how!

View the most recent episode, or go to to watch them all and get helpful links. 

The Shed Show

More resources for designing a water-efficient landscape

Now is the best time to install a beautiful, climate-appropriate landscape at your home or business. If you're serious about taking the next step, but don't know where to begin, look through the following websites to get the inspiration and know-how to make your turf removal project a reality.

  • Tree of Life Nursery
    Where their goal is to promote gardens in attractive accessible settings that showcase the essence of California’s natural beauty, so everyone can experience the authentic feel of our wild places.

  • Armstrong Garden Centers
    Waterwise Gardening & Design

Not quite ready for an overhaul? 

Looking for water-saving landscape tips without the redesign? We have info on yard care, planting, watering and more at