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July 23, 2024 9:57AM
July 23, 2024 9:57AM

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Condos & Apartments

For residents who live in condominiums and apartments, here is some helpful information on how to save water and money. 

Indoor rebates


High-Efficiency Clothes Washers
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High-Efficiency Toilets (9 toilets max)
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Indoor water-saving tips

Save immediately with these easy changes:

Turn off water when brushing teeth

Save 3 gallons per day

Shorten your shower by 2 minutes

Save 5 gallons per day

Wash only full loads of laundry

Save up to 50 gallons per load

Use garbage can instead of garbage disposal

Save 1 gallon per use

Outdoor water-saving tips

$$ Rebates: are available for turf removal, weather-based irrigation controllers, rotating spray nozzels and more.  Learn more

Save immediately with these easy changes: 

Water before 8 a.m.

Save 25 gallons per day

Check for sprinkler leaks and breaks

Save 500 gallons per month

Use a water-saving hose nozzle 

Save 7,500 gallons per year

Use a broom to clean driveway

Save 150 gallons each time

Use organic mulch in your garden

Save hundreds of gallons per year 

Get California-friendly plants

Save hundreds of gallons per year

For property managers

If you are a property or community manager looking for ways to save water or update for multiple accounts, please refer to these links:

A multi-family water budget is based on the number of dwelling units, the number of residents, pools and spas, recreation rooms, and any common landscaped area that is served by the same water meter. A variance is an allocation of water greater than the default water budget IRWD uses for the type of residence. Please complete one worksheet per property to ensure the water budget is appropriate for the current water demands for each account: Multi-family property variance request form

Best management practices for multi-family properties are described throughout this guidebook to increase and sustain water use efficinecy. Implement a preventative maintenance program for early detection of indoor and outdoor leaks:

Commercial Rebates: