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July 23, 2024 11:36AM
July 23, 2024 11:36AM

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Payment system FAQ

As part of IRWD’s commitment to improve the way we provide service to our customers, we have transitioned to a new payment system. This new payment system includes no payment fees, enhanced billing information, easy access to conservation tips, electronic billing (eBill), improved security measures, and online recurring automatic (AutoPay) payments.

Here are answers to questions customers may have about the new payment system, which took effect in February 2021.


Why is IRWD making this change?

We want to deliver a better payment experience to our customers. By making the change to the new payment system, we will be able to simplify the way you review account details, receive your bill, and pay your bill online.

Why is IRWD requiring three pieces of information for registration?

IRWD implemented enhanced security measures to protect your information. In order to have full access to the online system, you will need your account number, numeric portion of your street address, and the last four digits of the phone number associated with your account.

Where can I find my account number?

Your account number can be found on any IRWD bill in the top right corner of the bill or in any eBill statement you’ve received.

What should I do if my account information has changed since I last accessed my account?

If you experience difficulty registering due to outdated contact information or any other information, please contact Customer Service to update your information at You may also call 949-453-5300 during regular business hours Monday through Thursday. View our payment system introduction video for more information.

Will there be any changes to how I access my account information online?

Yes. You will be required to re-register for online account access by visiting Once registered, you can elect how your monthly bill is received: via text, mail, or email.

Is there a fee for using the online account access?

No. Customers will not be assessed any fees for accessing account details, making payments or reviewing water efficiency information online.

I already have login credentials for online account access in the previous system. Do I have to re-register?

Yes. For security reasons, your previous online profile cannot be transferred to the new system. You must set up a new online profile at by selecting Register Now to take advantage of the additional benefits now available in the new system.

I was previously on AutoPay, do I need to re-register?

All customers must re-register for online account access. If you previously had online AutoPay and would like to continue making payments via AutoPay, you must sign up in the new payment system.

Can I make a one-time payment without creating a username/password?

Yes. Visit, select the Register/Pay Now button. On the next screen, you can make a one-time payment by clicking the Pay Now button.