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Meter Information

t-10.jpg-2501Your water meter is read monthly. Please help us serve you by keeping the meter box free of plants, shrubs, dirt and cement. Don’t risk contaminating your water supply by pouring paint, cleaning solutions or other chemicals into the meter box.

If you have any questions regarding meter reading, please call IRWD's Customer Service Department at 949-453-5300 or email

Meter Locations
Opening Your Water Meter Box

Residential water meters are located in a cement box
in the ground, usually near the end of a driveway or side
walk. If the residence is in a condominium, town home,
or an apartment, the meters for one building are typically
located in a row or bank of meters in an area near the units.

While wearing gloves, you can use your
fingers to lift the small, center portion of
the meter lid. If you are unable to lift the
lid with your fingers, use a stick or
screwdriver to prop the lid open.

Reading Your Meter
Who is Responsible?

The meter is read like an automobile odometer. IRWD's
meters record 100 cubic feet of water used. Each
100 cubic foot equals 748 gallons.


IRWD is responsible for maintenance and 
repairs to the water system from the street 
to the District side of the meter.

The customer side of the meter begins at 
the customer valve located on the meter. 
The customer is responsible for any 
necessary repairs at and beyond the 
customer valve away from the street. 
IRWD is not able to check for or repair 
leaks on a customer’s property.

Track Your Daily Usage
Meter Reading Services

Read and record the meter reading on at least two
consecutive days. By subtracting the previous day's
reading from the current reading, you will find out how
many hundred cubic feet (ccf) of water you used in a
specific period of time. By multiplying the number of
ccfs by 748, you will determine how many gallons of
water were used.

IRWD has contracted with Alexander's Contract 
Services (ACS) to perform meter reading services. 
ACS has considerable experience reading water 
meters and currently provides this service to 
several other cities and water companies. ACS 
uses an automated, hand-held meter reading 
system which is downloaded into a web interface 
and transferred electronically to IRWD's billing system.

IRWD's mission is to provide services in an efficient, 
cost-effective manner. Though the District is a public 
agency, many operations have been privatized to take 
advantage of fast-changing technology and an up-to-
date pool of resources and skills.

 Mixed-Use Meters

Mixed-use meters on commercial properties measure both outdoor water usage such as landscaping, outdoor spigots, etc. and indoor water usage, such as toilet flushing, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, production processes requiring water, etc. IRWD provides a mixed-use meter log sheet to help you keep track of your water usage on a weekly basis.

For assistance using this log sheet and to determine your current indoor and outdoor allocations, please contact the Water Efficiency Department at 949-453-5581 or

Additionally, if your recent water bills have been in any of the following tiers: Inefficient or Wasteful, we encourage you to schedule a free water use survey. 

 Add-on Devices

Add-on devices, available in stores, can send you real-time alerts about your water use. Some will shut off the water if a leak is detected. If you are looking into getting one, take heed: IRWD does not permit add-on devices affixed to the water meter. If we find one, or any other unauthorized equipment inside the meter box, we will promptly remove it. Add-on devices are permitted in your home or on your pipes, which run from the meter box to your home. See details and an illustration here.