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June 13, 2024 8:20PM
June 13, 2024 20:20PM

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What To Do If Your Water Bill Is High

Top 3 reasons your bill is high

Have a high water bill and not sure why? Here are the top three reasons for a high water bill: 

1. Landscape overwatering
Quick fix: View IRWD's suggested irrigation schedule

2. Leaks (indoors, outdoors or both)
Quick fix: Learn how to check for leaks around your home

3. Your water budget is too low
Quick fix: You can request a variance to account for number of occupants, landscaping, etc.; request a variance

Your outdoor water budget is based on drought-tolerant landscaping. This means you are provided enough water for a drought-tolerant landscape (not grass) irrigated with drip or high-efficiency irrigation system. Your water budget will change with the weather throughout the year. When the weather is hotter or windier, your budget goes up automatically. When it's cooler or rains, your budget decreases automatically. If you have a lawn, you will likely be over budget and receive a high water bill. 

For more information on customer rates, please visit Residential Water Rates. Want even more insight? View IRWD's Water Budget Formula.

howdo.jpgTop 5 ways to save water

So you've determined your water bill is too high for your liking. Here are the top five ways you can save water - and money - this month and beyond: 

1. Adjust your watering times seasonally

2. Take advantage of IRWD rebates and install WaterSense-labeled products

3. Install climate-appropriate landscaping; turf removal rebate programs are available to customers

4. Install rain gutter extensions that divert rain water directly into your landscape

5. Check for leaks on a regular basis 

BONUS: Need more help? Consult our Resource Guide for Water Efficiency (pdf).