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April 16, 2024 5:28PM
April 16, 2024 17:28PM

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Contractor Prequalification

IRWD maintains a list of prequalified contractors for construction contracts greater than $100,000 in value. The Prequalified Contractor List identifies prequalified Prime Contractors and currently includes contractors for the following specialty areas:

         Pipelines                             Mechanical                Concrete Tanks                  Welded Steel Tanks 

         Well Rehabilitation            Well Drilling               Cathodic Protection           Electrical                                        

If you are interested in qualifying for the list of prequalified contractors, please download and complete the application.  Please note that prequalification is for Prime Contractors only.  A Prime Contractor is defined as one that is capable and responsible for the satisfactory completion of the entire project, including all work that is self-performed or subcontracted. A Prime Contractor must use its own forces to perform no less than fifty percent of the total value of the contract. 

Current List of Prequalified Construction Project Prime Contractors

Application Package for Construction Prime Contractors 2024

  • IRWD will only review applications once a year. Application packages submitted on or before July 1 will be reviewed by October 1 of that year.  Application packages received after July 1 will be held and reviewed by October 1 of the following year.
  • IRWD will notify each applying firm of its prequalification status in writing.
  • Full and complete information on the application process is contained in the Application Package.

If your firm is a Prime Contractor that is interested in bidding construction contracts less than $100,000 in value,  please visit our Purchasing Department page and register as a New Supplier with IRWD's Purchasing Department.

If your firm is neither a Prime Contractor nor prequalified to be on the Prequalified Contractor List, your firm may still pursue work on IRWD construction projects as a subcontractor as IRWD does not require subcontractor prequalification. 

More info: Instrumentation Systems and Control Panel Supplier Prequalification