MWRP Facility

MWRP Facility

MWRP windmill

Established in 1961, IRWD provides potable water, sewage collection and treatment and produces recycled water. IRWD’s tertiary treatment of wastewater at its Michelson Water Recycling Plant (MWRP) results in an excellent quality of recycled water that is used for landscape and agricultural irrigation, and for industrial and commercial needs.

To keep up with a growing demand for potable water and a decreasing imported water supply, IRWD adopted progressive water reuse and conservation standards, and began ambitious capital improvement projects. The MWRP Phase 2 Expansion Project has increased the capacity of MWRP from approximately 18 million gallons per day (mgd) to 28 mgd. Design of this project started in September 2006 and was completed in March 2009.

Expansion included a new influent trunk sewer lines, headworks facility, primary clarifiers, a high-rate clarifier, electrical buildings, membrane bioreactor facility, ultra-violet disinfection facility, and a masonry wall to protect the plant from flooding of San Diego Creek.

Construction began in September 2009 and was completed in spring of 2014.

About 20 percent of IRWD’s current supply is recycled water, enough to provide landscape irrigation for 80 percent of the District’s business and community customers including parks, school grounds, and golf courses. For every gallon of water recycled by IRWD, a gallon of potable water is spared for our drinking water customers, an equation that helps keep IRWD’s water rates among the lowest in Orange County. The MWRP Phase 2 Expansion allows IRWD to continue providing water to meet the community’s needs while decreasing IRWD’s dependence on imported potable water.

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