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Shimano American Corporation

In 1965, Shimano American Corporation was established in New York as a bicycle part manufacturer and distributor. Fishing tackle was added to their product offerings in 1970 and the company relocated to New Jersey in 1973. In 1986, Shimano American Corporation merged with Shimano Sales Corporation and moved to Irvine. Their current product offerings include bicycle parts, fishing gear, plus related fishing and cycling apparel and accessories.

Their Irvine facility includes two buildings with approximately 200 employees. High-efficiency toilets and urinals have been installed in both buildings, along with retrofitted flow-restrictors in all faucets and showers. Recycled water is being used for the facility’s landscape irrigation, which is regulated by “smart” weather-based irrigation controllers.

As the result of these water efficiency measures, Shimano American Corporation is consistently using 36 percent less water than their budgeted monthly allocation. The recycled water they use for irrigation also saves approximately 2,600 CCF of drinking water per year (one CCF equals 748 gallons).

Shimano American Corporation is an ISO 14001 certified company with an Environmental Management System (EMS) in place. Obtaining WaterStar certification fits perfectly into the company’s 2018 EMS targets, and meets their objectives to save water, reduce operating costs and create a smaller impact on the environment.

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