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Hyatt House Irvine

In 2006, Hyatt Hotels Corporation acquired Summerfield Suites, a chain of extended-stay suite hotels, and renamed them Hyatt Summerfield Suites. Rebranded Hyatt House in 2012, these hotels are contemporary, smaller-to-mid sized, extended-stay residential hotels found in urban and suburban locations throughout the United States.

The Hyatt House Irvine /John Wayne Airport is a new seven-story building with 149 modern extended-stay guestrooms equipped with kitchen appliances and high-efficiency/low-flow bathroom fixtures. Located at 2320 Main Street, it will be open for guests beginning January 2018.

Hyatt House Irvine has the unique WaterStar Certification distinction of being the first dual-plumbed hotel, in the Irvine Ranch Water District service area, with separate plumbing systems installed for recycled water and drinking water. Recycled water is used exclusively for flushing toilets and urinals and for irrigating the hotel’s drought-friendly landscape.

All water-using appliances in the facility are water-efficient. The hotel’s laundry program is also water-conscious: housekeeping staff conserve water and energy resources by changing towels and bed sheets every third day a guestroom is occupied, or sooner upon request.

When asked why Hyatt House Irvine decided to participate in the WaterStar Business Recognition Program, hotel General Manager Brett Ambrose, replied, “Hyatt Hotels and Resorts has long been an advocate of water and energy conservation practices. The Hyatt House Irvine/John Wayne Airport is pleased to be recognized for its environmental conservation efforts.”

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