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May 25, 2024 11:39PM
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Great Park Ice and FivePoint Arena

In July 2019, Great Park Ice and FivePoint Arena earned IRWD’s WaterStar Certification. The recreation and entertainment facility achieved this recognition by implementing an array of water-use reduction measures. About 4.3 million gallons of recycled water are used to make the ice each year, including the water sprayed from the back of the Zambonis during resurfacing.

The ice resurfacers employed by Great Park Ice use new laser leveling technology to provide consistent thickness on all four ice sheets. The technology also helps spray a precise, consistent layer of hot water for a safer, faster and smoother ice surface. This more efficient surfacing solution helps save water, energy and labor. Advancements in ice monitoring have allowed the facility’s managers to capture data more precisely, reducing errors, which in turn wastes less water.

The exterior of the facility is designed to be both breathtaking and resource efficient. The landscaping has drought-tolerant plants, which are irrigated with recycled water. High-efficiency nozzles spray water precisely over large areas while drip units slowly emit drops of water directly to the root zones of the plants, keeping the grounds green and lush. A remote weather-based irrigation controller enhances efficiency even more.

The facility’s water fixtures in restrooms, locker rooms and the kitchen use low-flow or waterless units to dispense drinking water. Many are equipped with electronic sensors to release a fixed flow of water only when movement is detected. Great Park Ice and FivePoint Arena also keeps a water management plan in place to help identify potential opportunities to save water and to analyze water consumption.

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