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January 15, 2021 7:07AM
January 15, 2021 7:07AM

customer care

Cleaning Protocols

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To learn about new payment options coming in February 2021, read below:

Easier Bill Pay on the Way

Coming in February, IRWD will begin using a new bill payment system with no fees, and flexible options designed to fit a growing variety of online and mobile preferences expressed by our customers.

The new service will allow for payments by credit card (including American Ex... Continue Reading »

Relining Technologies received a Sewer Savvy certificate for exemplifying ongoing outreach and education encouraging customers to keep grease management a priority.

The company performs frequent camera inspections and hydro-jetting maintenance for all drain lines, and recommends the installation of grease traps or interceptors when necessary. It educates customers on best sewer management practices in the work place and at home.

The company is fully OSHA compliant and hosts monthly safety... Continue Reading »

Use this form if you are seeking a short-term variance because you have extra people temporarily living in your home as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. (See other variance options here.) A variance provides a water budget greater than the standard amount IRWD uses for your type of home.

All incomplete applications will be returned. 

  COVID-19 Temporary Variance Request Form

Contact information: First name*:(*) ... Continue Reading »

Barker and Sons Plumbing received a Sewer Savvy certificate for demonstrating ongoing concern for best management practices when it comes to sewer care.

The company educates customers about proper drain care and its website includes a blog that details the importance of leaving food scraps, hair, even "flushable" wipes out of drains and toilets. (These wipes, even those marked as flushable, degrade very slowly and can contribute to clogs in pipes and sewer mains.

Barker and Sons is a fami... Continue Reading »