Sewer Savvy

Sewer Savvy

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You and your business could be recognized by Irvine Ranch Water District for exceptional sewer maintenance habits by participating in the District’s new Sewer Savvy program.

This newly launched campaign recognizes local businesses – plumbers, property managers, restaurants, and other companies working with large quantities of fats, oils and grease (FOG) – that take appropriate measures to protect pipes by trapping and diverting inappropriate solids from their drains and sewer lines.

Certified Sewer Savvy businesses and professionals will earn the use of the Sewer Savvy logo for display, web-posting and advertising. The District may also feature them in print media, on web pages and in literature to be distributed to IRWD’s customer base.

Certification demonstrates to the public that businesses are following best management practices to keep drains flowing and to protect public health and the environment.

Certified Sewer Savvy Businesses


Thai Cafe

The Caspian Restaurant


Mike Heyer Plumbing

Justin Time Plumbing

Barker & Sons Plumbing

Property Managers

Emily Morris, (Parklands Apartment Homes)

Click Here for Program Criteria+

Understanding proper sewer maintenance and waste disposal techniques is the first and biggest step toward achieving this recognition.

Other steps to certification include:

Restaurants, Grocery Stores and other Customers Working with Fats, Oils and Grease:

  • Demonstrate a history of two years of compliance with IRWD's FOG program.
  • Maintain a record of two years with no Sanitary Sewer Overflows or Private Lateral Sewer Discharges.

Click here for a complete list of certification criteria for Food Service Establishments (FSEs).


Plumbers, Waste Haulers and Property Managers:

  • Call IRWD at 949-453-5300 to alert the District when snaking a lateral line that is clogged with roots, grease or other debris. This helps to prevent residential and main line overflows.
  • Direct IRWD customers to the District website to learn more about proper sewer care.
  • Notify IRWD immediately to report SSOs or PLSDs.
  • Encourage FOG customers to become Sewer Savvy and to sign up for IRWD's program.
  • Keep customers informed about proper sewer care via social media and/or newsletter articles.

Click here for a complete list of certification criteria for plumbers and waste haulers.

Click here for a complete list of certification criteria for property managers and homeowners associations.



Sewer Savvy Online Application
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For FSEs only: Have you experienced any sewer-related incidents (Private Lateral Sewage Discharges, Sanitary Sewer Overflows, etc.) in the past 24 months?

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Describe any incidents you may have encountered and what you did to address them.

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Do you, or does your business comply with best management practices for: (check all that apply)

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Describe how you have met these requirements.

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Have you alerted IRWD in the past 24 months of any potential obstructions and/or sewer issues that may have impacted the District’s sewer system?

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Describe the situation and how you responded.

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Do you do your part to educate employees and/or customers about best sewer management practices at home and at work?

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Describe how you have done this.

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Do you circulate IRWD/other sewer-related handouts and materials as a part of your work?

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What materials do you circulate, and to whom?

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What else do you or your business do to protect IRWD sewer lines?

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