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Sewer Rates

In addition to water service, IRWD provides sewage collection and treatment services to most of our service area. We capture wastewater and reuse it through our innovative water recycling program. Here is an "at a glance" view of sewer rates. Complete rate information is available in the IRWD Rates and Charges document.

Rate calculators

Click here to use a rate calculator to estimate your bill and see how the rate structure works.


Residential sewer rates - Single family residence and multi family dwelling units

Monthly Sewer Service Charge rate: 

  • • Fixed monthly sewer service charges are used to pay for operations, maintenance and infrastructure costs associated with sewer service and treatment facilities.
  • • Newly established residential accounts are charged a sewer rate of $28.78 per month.
  • • Potable water usage is reviewed each year on December 31 when an account has established a 12-month history. Sewer rates are adjusted based on the average of the 3 lowest months of potable water usage during the previous calendar year. Customers who use low volumes of water are charged lower sewer rates.
  • • Each residential customer is billed in one of three tiers, based on the customer’s three months with the lowest potable water usage from the prior calendar year.



Proposed rates beginning July 1, 2023

Average water usage exceeds 10 CCFs per month


Average water usage falls between 5 and 10 CCFs


Average water usage falls below 5 CCFs




Non-residential sewer rates - (customers who discharge domestic strength wastewater)

Commercial, industrial & institutional Class II
consumption equal to or below 10 CCF per month:


Service charge: $33.24 up to 10 CCF
Usage over 10 CCF will be charged an additional  $3.00/CCF quantity charge
Industrial waste charge will be an additional $0.107/CCF

Non-residential sewage charges

This section applies to non-residential customers who discharge extra-strength sewage into the sewer collection system or discharge or have the potential to discharge constituents subject to federal or state standards and local discharge limitations.

At the sole discretion of the District, users may request the application of an alternative service charge for use.  The alternative service charge shall be based on the measured quantity and quality of water being discharged to the sewer from the user's facility by means acceptable to the District.  The alternative service charge for use shall be computed by the following formula:

Charge for use = VRv + BRb + SRs
Where V = Total volume of flow in hundred cubic feet
B = Total discharge of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) in pounds
S = Total discharge of suspended solids (SS) in pounds
Rv = $1.590 per hundred cubic feet
Rb = $0.443 per pound of BOD
Rs = $0.386 per pound of SS