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May 25, 2024 9:55PM
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Natural Treatment Site: Port Culver

Port Culver NTS siteThe Port Culver NTS basin is located just southeast of the corner of Culver and Portola Parkway.

Port Culver receives regular water quality monitoring. In 2020, over 4,000 plants from 12 different species were planted between Port Culver and Lower Eastfoot to increase native plant diversity while simultaneously combating invasive species at each basin. The plants were sourced from Tree of Life nursery and were planted by the District’s landscape contractor.

The primary surrounding land uses are agricultural. It went online in 2008. 




 Location & Size

ocation: 4201.75 Portola Parkway, Irvine
Size: 2.1 acres
Tributary Watershed: 243 acres

 Biological Values

The site maintains below average biological values, as it is receives so little dry weather flows  of water.  The surrounding land uses are primarily agriculture, however, across Portola Parkway dense urban development is present.  The site has been replanted with wetland vegetation, as some of the original vegetation did not survive due to dry conditions.


Routine Maintenance Activities:

    • TruGreen LandCare provides routine irrigation and landscape maintenance services at the site. Additional work such as mulch replacement, irrigation repairs, aquatic herbicide application, aquatic vegetation removal, and sediment removal were performed throughout the year.
    • System operations staff performed weekly site inspection, water quality monitoring, and landscape and irrigation maintenance review.