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50th Anniversary 1961-2011

1961 ~ 2011: 50 Years of Value

IRWD is 50 years old and we have a lot to celebrate. Our long history of creative leadership and hallmark programs has ushered in a legacy of extraordinary value for our customers, such as: low, stable rates, a diverse and highly reliable water supply and excellent customer service. Please join us throughout 2011 as we travel back through time and commemorate the people and unique programs that make IRWD what it is today.

 IRWD was formed in 1961 and initially served 300 mostly agricultural customers. Today, IRWD customers total more than 300,000, spanning an area of 181 square miles from the foothills to coastal Orange County.

Please join us as we commemorate the first 50 years with a year-long celebration. Each month IRWD will spotlight innovative programs that give value to our customers on our website, our Facebook page and on Twitter.

Please visit this page often to learn more about the District’s historical roots, major milestones, programs and the people that helped shape IRWD into the dynamic, committed, innovative agency it is today.

Browse our historical photos commemorating the first 25 years of IRWD history: