Caretaker's House

The Caretaker's House is the newest of the three historical houses at the Marsh. It was originally built for Jimmy Irvine, the son of James Irvine, in 1935. The house was located in what is now Old Town Irvine, on Sand Canyon Avenue across the railroad tracks from the lima bean warehouse. It was anticipated that Jimmy would take over as manager of the company's shipping center. Unfortunately, Jimmy died before occupying the house.

The James Irvine, Jr. home - as it was commonly called - was heavily vandalized at its Sand Canyon location. It was moved to the marsh in 1990 and it took more than five months of restoration work to repair the damage, including more than 650 hours of labor on the part of the home’s new tenants.

This home is a private residence and not open to the public. Thank you for respecting the privacy of its residents.