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The iconic wooden windmill that has greeted visitors to IRWD’s Michelson Water Recycling Plant since 1988 has a long and storied past.Visitors driving past the plant are probably not aware that what they are seeing is not the rustic structure that sat there for 20 years, but rather a wooden tower and wheel erected in 2009 that looks very much like the original.  The wind vane is the only piece of equipment that has survived the rigors of time. The original windmill was probably built between 1916 and 1932 ... Continue Reading »

 Committed to the Environment    

Water is nature’s lifeblood, so it’s vitally important to safeguard our precious water resources to protect the environment. IRWD’s commitment to conserving the environment has its roots in our agency’s history, when we served mostly farmers and ranchers whose livelihood depended on the sustainability of our water and their land.

Today, IRWD preserves wetlands and natural habitat, partners with nurseries to promote native p... Continue Reading »

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The IRWD historic Duck Club was originally home to two duck hunting clubs, which were still in operation when IRWD built the Michelson Water Recycling Plant in 1966. Both the Ricker-McHone and Old San Joaquin Duck clubs operated under permits from the Department of Fish and Game and the City of Irvine until 1988 when the city chose not to renew the permit in light of the rapidly developing residential community in the area.

The Duck Club was originally located on the former Tustin Marine Base (AKA: Lighte... Continue Reading »

The IRWD Visitors Center at the Irvine Ranch Marsh House, a relocated and refurbished 1920s-era farmhouse, sits near the center of IRWD's San Joaquin Marsh Campus. You are welcome to stop by and treat yourself to an informative self-guided tour of our inviting displays inside the Marsh House. Exhibits and topics include:

How the San Joaquin Marsh functions as a natural treatment system while also serving as a vital habitat resource. The importance of water conservation and ... Continue Reading »