The Right Schedule

The Right Schedule


Keep your plants healthy using the right amount of water with the Right Watering Schedule. Different types of plants require different amounts of water. Select the Right Plants for your home and ensure that they receive the right amount of water at the right time of year.

 Water Needs Change With Seasons
 seasonal needs

Your irrigation schedule should change as the seasons change for different plant types.

• The water needs of drought-tolerant plants increase as it warms up from spring through summer.
• California native plant water requirements decrease during late spring, summer, and fall. They can go with little or no water during these periods.
• Cool season grass is the highest water-consuming plant throughout the year, especially during the summer.
• Warm season grass requires a moderate amount of water during the spring and summer.

How to Water Your Plants
 right water roots

Focus your watering on the root zone of the plant. It’s the roots that need water and not the leaves. Wet leaves can promote disease and also be a waste of water.  

Make sure to water your plants deeply but infrequently to promote a deep root system. Use the Cycle and Soak method: multiple cycles and short run-times. Example: Your shrubs need to be watered for 12 minutes. Use 3 watering cycles for 4 minutes in each zone/station.



 When to Water Your Plant
 watering schedule

Water your landscape in the early morning hours, only when needed, to prepare your plants for the day. Water based on weather and make seasonal watering adjustments. Too much water can be harmful to your landscape.

Click here for the IRWD-approved year-round watering schedule


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