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June 13, 2024 8:21PM
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Be kind to the marsh and its creatures

San Joaquin Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary is owned and protected by Irvine Ranch Water District.

IRWD invites you to enjoy the marsh. But while you’re there, you must follow these rules to ensure the well-being of the plants and animals that call the marsh home.

dont iconNo bicycles, scooters, or motor vehicles (except in parking lots)

dont iconNo dogs or other pets (service animals permitted as prescribed by law)

dont iconNo horses or horsebackriding

dont iconNo drones

stay on trails iconStay on trails and obey all trail signs

dont iconDo not feed animals

dont iconDo not release animals

dont iconNo smoking or vaping

dont iconNo alcohol

dont iconNo drugs

dont iconNo fishing

dont iconNo hunting

dont iconNo firearms or pellet guns

dont iconNo camping

dont iconNo swimming or any contact with water

dont iconDo not drink pond water

dont iconDo not litter; dispose of trash properly

dont iconNo organized events without prior approval by Irvine Ranch Water District

dont iconDo not collect or disturb the wildlife, including flowers or other plant materials, animals, birds, insects, rocks or any other element; harvesting of berries is allowed along Riparian View

All plants and animals are protected.

dawn_to_dusk_icon.pngHours: Open dawn to dusk.
Overflow parking lot will be locked at dusk or 8 p.m., whichever comes first.

For more information, call Irvine Ranch Water District at 949-453-5300 or visit For lost and found items, contact Sea and Sage Audubon House at 949-261-7963.