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July 12, 2024 7:41PM
July 12, 2024 19:41PM

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Your 2024 Water Quality Report is now available

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The water Irvine Ranch Water District delivers to your tap is safe—meeting or exceeding all the standards required to protect public health.

Everything we do is aimed at providing our customers safe and clean water, day in and day out.

We continuously monitor the supply, conducting more than a quarter of a million laboratory tests annually on water taken from more than one hundred routine sample points.

Each year, we publish an annual Water Quality Report that details the results of our lab testing for regulated chemicals such as radiologicals and inorganic chemicals, and unregulated substances such as alkalinity, sodium, and hardness. Substances not detected in any of our water sources are not included in the table.

IRWD also tests the aesthetic quality of the water, including color, turbidity and odor.

Visit to view this year’s report, review Frequently Asked Questions, and access other helpful resources.