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May 27, 2022 15:41PM
May 27, 2022 15:41PM

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Join an IRWD virtual cleanup, share your photos

As much as 80% of the trash and pollution we find along our shorelines comes from a variety of inland sources. Cleaning up this debris can help protect species that live in wetland habitats and the ocean.

To continue the tradition of IRWD’s annual San Diego Creek Watershed cleanups during the pandemic, the District is coordinating three virtual volunteer trash cleanup events for local communities.

Residents are encouraged to participate in one or all of the events with their family and/or household members by picking up trash in their neighborhood parks, schools, trails and other public areas.

We are also inviting you to share your cleanup experiences with us! Send photos of you and your crew picking up trash, and include pictures of the largest and most unusual trash that you found. Email your photos to webmaster@IRWD.com and we’ll share them on social media and our website. (By emailing us your cleanup photo, you are authorizing us to use your photo on our website and in social media.)

You can also record your results with the Ocean Conservancy’s global Clean Swell app, which keeps a record of cleanup results around the globe. Clean Swell is downloadable for free on any smart phone app store.

Scheduled dates for the virtual cleanups are listed below, but you can do your part any time between now and July 18.

  • · Saturday, April 24
  • · Saturday, June 26
  • · Saturday, July 17

A few reminders:

  • · Be safe at all times and collect trash only in public areas designated for pedestrians.
  • · Please wear masks and observe CDC safety guidelines during the cleanup.
  • · Bring hand sanitizer and bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated.
  • · Please wear closed-toed shoes, sunscreen and hats.

Thank you for doing your part! Let’s work together in keeping our communities and water clean!