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May 25, 2024 11:30PM
May 25, 2024 23:30PM

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IRWD honors young scientists as part of annual IUSD Science Fair

IRWD recently honored students representing the top water-related projects from this year’s 43nd annual Irvine Unified School District Science Fair.

Innovative topics ranged from improving solar distillation to applying the Horton Infiltration Model. 

The following students received a framed certificate during a recent IRWD Board of Directors meeting, but we congratulate all students who participated!

  • Anchit Sinha and Neil Sundaray, Deerfield Elementary - Project: Improved Solar Distillation with a Fresnel Lens
  • Joy Yan-Li, Deerfield Elementary - Project: Plastic Replacement Using Sodium Alginate 
  • Yunwoo (Ellie) Song and Colette Oentojo, Portola Springs Elementary - Project: Operation: Clean the Ocean
  • Sharvil Buradkar, Lakeside Middle School - Project: Solar Powered Desalination Unit
  • Sharanya Rao, Venado Middle School  - Project: Can addition of hydrogels in soil truly reduce a plant’s dependence on water?
  • Madison Price, Rancho San Joaquin Middle School - Project: It Must Be in the Water: The Effect of Stream Substrate on Water Chemistry and Plant Fertility
  • Alexis Wong, Sierra Vista Middle School - Project: Calcium Carbonate Fights Ocean Acidification
  • Joshua Malar, Jeffrey Trail Middle School - Project: Tapping Into Ocean Power
  • Justin Pollack, University High School - Project: Forming Flash Floods: Changes in Infiltration Rates and Applying the Horton Infiltration Model Through an Arroyo’s Stream Course