IRWD Celebrates Water Professionals Appreciation Week

It’s not every day that IRWD workers get to feel like heroes.

But Oct. 5-13 will be different.

That’s when California celebrates Water Professionals Appreciation Week, an annual observance established in 2017 to acknowledge the contributions of some 60,000 people like us, who work in the water industry in our state.

IRWD employees (some of whom are featured in the photo collage above) work in operations and maintenance, engineering, information services, finance and accounting, administration, construction services, field services, loss prevention, sewer collections systems, regulatory compliance, customer service, water efficiency, recycled water, fleet services, facilities, human resources, public affairs, safety, and law.

Water and sewer service are essential to the health and livelihood of a community, and we love making that happen ― together ― everyone doing his or her part to make sure water gets delivered to your showerhead and coffee pot each morning.

And, speaking of heroes, check out the social media post below from Lake Forest Montessori, expressing appreciation for a job well done!

It’s not every day we run into young customers who still believe that driving a big truck makes for the perfect job.

We think it does!

Be a part of the conversation this week: #WeAreCAWater #CAWaterWeek

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