Sewer Savvy Emily Morris

Emily Morris

Managing multi-family properties can be a demanding job, particularly when it comes to making sure that sewer lines remain clear of grease, roots and other debris.

Emily Morris, a property manager for the Irvine Company's Parklands Apartment Homes, was honored with a Sewer Savvy award for demonstrating outstanding best management practices for the complex, located at 1 Monroe, in Irvine.

Morris educates tenants about appropriate ways to manage fats, oils and grease in the kitchen, and to avoid flushing or putting unflushable items such as dental floss, wipes, coffee grounds and other solids down the drains. Sewer laterals are maintained to prevent damage from tree roots, and Morris maintains steady oversight to ensure the proper sewer care.

(Photo above: Emily Morris receives a Sewer Savvy Award from Collection Systems Supervisor Joe Costantino.)