Fix Leaks, Win $100

Fix a Leak Week is March 16–22. So celebrate all month (and save water!) by entering IRWD’s Fix a Leak Contest. It’s simple: Just visit, check out our training portal, and submit photos of yourself checking for leaks around your home. For each photo you submit, you’ll receive an entry to win a $100 gift card to The Home Depot. Winner must be in the IRWD service area. Entry deadline is March 31.

Use this checklist to be a Fix a Leak Contest detective:

  • Check for toilet flapper leaks by dropping food coloring or dye tablets into your toilet tank.
    If the color leaks into the bowl after
    20–30 minutes, you need a new flapper.
  • Check for broken sprinklers or overspray in your yard.
    Fix and adjust your sprinklers if
    you find these problems.
  • Check your sprinkler controller to ensure it has been adjusted for seasonal low-water use.
    See for spray and
    drip schedules.

You can also visit your Water Insight Portal at for tips and videos on how to check your home for leaks. (On your Water Insight home page, under “I Want To,” select “Check if I have a leak” for step-by-step guidance.)

Additional places you can find leaks: hose bibs, bathtub/shower diverters, irrigation valves, hot water tanks, faucets, pools, showerheads.

Learn more. Fix a Leak Week is sponsored in conjunction with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Program. For full contest details, visit