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August 05, 2020 3:47AM
August 05, 2020 3:47AM

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Employee Benefits

IRWD offers a comprehensive, flexible employees benefits package. Once hired, IRWD employees receive merit-based salary progression. We do offer competitive salaries. Developing, retaining and engaging our employees are important priorities at IRWD.


 Benefits Include
  •  A choice of medical, dental and vision coverage. Both HMO's and PPO's are available.
  •  Life insurance is offered in varied competitive amounts.
  •  Deferred compensation in the form of a 457 plan, with matching funds after one year of employment.
  •  Retirement benefits under the California Public Employees' Retirement System.
  •  A flexible work schedule.
  •  Twelve paid holidays, including a paid personal day.
  •  Paid 2-4 weeks vacation per year, based on years of service.
  •  Paid sick leave.
  •  Family/medical leave.
  •  Long-term disability insurance.
  •  IRWD supports higher education goals through tuition reimbursement of a percentage of costs for classes, programs or job-related courses. We also offer a certification and degree completion incentive program.
 Voluntary Benefits
  •  Employee wellness program.
  •  IRWD's awards programs.
  •  Access to a credit union.
  •  A computer loan program, after one year of employment.
  •  Rideshare and vanpool options.