Discovery Science Center

Irvine Ranch Water District honored Discovery Science Center at its September 26 Board of Directors meeting as a key Partner in Service. IRWD began a partnership with Discovery Science Center in 2008 to provide water science education to students throughout the District's service area.

"Discovery Science Center is a leader in developing engaging hands-on curriculum to align with grade-specific California Science Content Standards," said Interim General Manager Paul Cook.

The Discovery Science Center had its beginnings in 1984, when the boards of the Exploratory Learning Center and the Experience Center joined and formed the Discovery Museum of Orange County. The 59,000-square-foot Discovery Science Center opened at its present location in Santa Ana in 1998. The center is easy to locate with its unique 10-story high, 108-foot giant cube perched on one of its points on the top of the building.

Since 2008, Discovery Science Center has provided kindergarten through sixth grade water education programs and hands-on workshop-style middle school programs. Discovery Science Center has been able to weave in the IRWD educational message of Be Always Water Smart, including water recycling and natural treatment of urban runoff. During the 2010-11 school year, 8,167 Kindergarten through sixth grade students participated in the IRWD/DSC assembly program, while 1,605 students participated in the middle school program.

The Discovery Science Center has demonstrated exemplary collaboration with IRWD. Through the years, exceptional strides have been made in teaching students and families within the IRWD service area the value of water and the importance of protecting this vital resource.

From left, IRWD Board members John Withers, Mary Aileen Matheis, and Peer Swan; Janet Yamaguchi of Discovery Science Center; IRWD Interim General Manager Paul Cook; Discovery Science Center President Joe Adams; Toby Gant of Discovery Science Center; IRWD Board President Steve LaMar and IRWD Board Member Doug Reinhart.