Emergency & CodeRED

CodeRed Delivers Emergency Messages to IRWD Customers

 CodeREDlogo4webIn 2010, IRWD implemented CodeRED, a high-volume, high-speed notification system for mass emergency notifications. The CodeRED system has the ability to send voice, email and text messages to thousands of our customers within minutes and to the entire District within one hour and is both web and phone based. The CodeRED system also works in coordination with AlertOC, and the County of Orange Emergency Notification System.  

IRWD customers, please use our CodeRED Community Notification Enrollment Form to select your notification preferences which include voice, text messages and email. If you have questions about accessing or submitting this enrollment form, please email customerservice@irwd.com or call (949) 453-5300.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

 IRWD-logo-Emergency biggerIn an emergency we can live for a few days without food, but everyone needs water. In a disaster situation, water may be a scarce commodity for a few days or even weeks. Earthquakes, storms, power outages, failure of pumps or water lines can cause unannounced interruption of water service.

IRWD takes a proactive approach to emergency preparation. We have a District-wide Emergency Plan that provides an organized response to emergency situations and enables staff to work effectively and efficiently. IRWD also coordinates with outside agencies to ensure that it has adequate resources for an emergency. Ensuring a safe and reliable water supply to our customers is vital.

What should you do to prepare for an emergency? Click on our Emergency FAQ to learn more! 

 Emergency Response Communication

Emergency drillWe use several ways to communicate with you during an emergency. 

  • IRWD CodeRED Emergency Network: you may receive messages by voice, email and/or text giving you information about the specific emergency and what to expect.

  • Door-to-door: in some cases, you may be visited by an IRWD employee who will provide you with the necessary information.

  • 24 hour Emergency Hotline (949) 453-5300: during an emergency you will be able to speak with a Customer Service representative or listen to a recorded message.

  • IRWDnews Twitter channel: to receive all IRWD news as well as emergency information via Twitter, follow us @IRWDnews.

  • Situation Status Updates will be posted to the IRWD Facebook page and our Liquid News section.

Practice Makes Perfect

While IRWD's emergency plan is exercised at least annually, the 2007 Santiago Fire is illustrative of how hard we work to be prepared. 

IRWD stays prepared by participating in emergency drills annually in conjunction with the Water Emergency Response Organization of Orange County.