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July 24, 2021 6:07AM
July 24, 2021 6:07AM

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Public Outreach Services Prequalification

The Irvine Ranch Water District seeks to receive Statements of Qualifications from qualified firms, teams or joint ventures to provide as-needed strategic and/or technical communication programs and public outreach services with an emphasis on water use efficiency, water conservation and drought outreach communication services.

Proposers that pre-qualify under this Request for Qualifications will be entered into a pre-qualified pool and remain eligible for consideration and contract negotiation on an as-needed basis. Once a Proposed has been prequalified, the Proposer’s pre-qualification status shall be valid for no more than three years following the date of their initial pre-qualification, at which time IRWD will re-evaluate the Proposer’s qualifications to determine their eligibility.

Download the application packet below for full and complete information on this process.

Public Affairs RFQ Application Package10-20-2015.pdf 

Please remember to mark on your application which task categories you are applying for:

  • Water conservation/water use efficiency outreach campaign
  • Strategic and technical communication programs
  • Creative outreach campaign concept development and implementation
  • Graphic concept development, design, creation and production
  • Logo concept development, design, creation and production
  • Video services, including script development, shooting/editing and production
  • Photography services, including shooting/editing and production
  • Social media outreach campaign development and implementation
  • Advertising campaign development, scheduling and implementation
  • Grassroots/constituency based services
  • Document/report setup, proofing, editing, layout (both web and hard copy

Selected proposers that are placed in a pool are not guaranteed a contract.

If you have questions or require additional information regarding the process or the application package, please call 949-453-5500 or email info@irwd.com.