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April 17, 2024 1:47AM
April 17, 2024 1:47AM

customer care

New Suppliers

The best and easiest shortcut to doing business with IRWD is to go through the pre-qualification process. This involves submitting various forms and paperwork so that you will be ready to do business with us if such an opportunity becomes available. We strongly recommend that you complete this process if you are interested in doing business with IRWD.

 Pre-Qualification:  Complete Three Steps

 1.   Print and complete the IRWD Supplier Assessment Information Sheet.

 2.   Send the completed Supplier Assessment Information Sheet, along with a copy of your 
       Business License and W-9 form via fax or email.

 3.  Register with IRWD ePurchasing Registration.**
      **New suppliers must complete the Supplier Assessment Information and submit along with a copy
      of your your Business License and W-9 form before registering with ePurchasing.

What Happens Next?

After we receive your information, the Purchasing Department will review it and your references will be checked. Along the way, you may be asked for additional information or clarification. Our goal is to help everyone complete the Pre-Qualification process but if we do not hear back from you or information is missing from your application, you will not be pre-qualified. Once your file is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from the IRWD Purchasing Department. 


IRWD Purchasing Department Hotline: (949) 453-5718.