Zone 1 Reservoir Project

Zone 1 Reservoir Project

Final Project Map

Irvine Ranch Water District is installing a second, smaller reservoir at Sand Canyon Avenue and Elysian to increase water storage capacity and create a necessary backup supply of drinking water that will ensure uninterrupted service to Irvine residents. The site is owned and operated by IRWD and contains several drinking-water-related facilities, including a large reservoir.

The project has been designed to maintain the visual character of the neighborhood and to minimize the visual impact of the new reservoir. A graded slope, extensive landscaping and other features have been incorporated into the design to help screen the new reservoir from view. Construction is scheduled to begin in late September, and will take approximately 18 months to complete.

Work hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Contact information: For questions or comments, please email or call 949-453-5500. During non-business hours, please call 949-453-5300 (24 hours).

Zone 1 concrete pour   Copy

Construction crews pour concrete for the base of the reservoir.

Zone 1 concrete pour 2   Copy

The concrete must meet specific grades to ensure durability.

 Zone 1 rebar   Copy

A complex network of rebar and supports is incorporated into the project.

Zone 1 wall construction   Copy

Workers pour concrete into a wall mold for the reservoir.

Zone 1 reservoir construction   Copy

 A look at construction from inside the tank reservoir.

Project Updates+

Week of Aug. 5, 2019

Work on the overflow pipeline has been completed, and formwork for the roof deck is being placed this week.

Week of July 22, 2019

Work has been completed on the reservoir walls and columns, and construction is now focused on the overflow pipeline and formwork for the roof deck.

Week of June 10, 2019

Work pouring the reservoir walls continues with 10 separate sections being framed and poured separately. To date, four sections have been placed and the fifth should be completed this week. The wall sections should be completed in July, after which forming of the roof deck will begin

Week of April 8, 2019:

Rebar work is being completed, and a concrete pour is scheduled for April 22. This will entail approximately 50 truck deliveries at a rate of six per hour. Construction start time on this day will begin at 7 a.m. to accommodate the workload.

Week of March 25, 2019:

Rebar will be delivered beginning next week and installed over the proceeding two weeks.

Week of March 4, 2019:

Pipeline work is winding down, and forms are being laid for the tank footing. Rebar installation will follow in the weeks to come.

Week of Jan. 14, 2019:

Work continues on the inlet and outlet pipeline installation located underneath the tank.

Week of Jan. 7, 2019:

Inlet and outlet pipeline will be installed this week.

Week of Dec. 31, 2018:

Soils compaction of the reservoir footprint has been completed, and all associated structural fill material is scheduled to be in place by the end of this week.

Week of Dec. 17, 2018:

Trucks will be hauling dirt off the site this week. The shoring system has been installed, and excavation for the tank foundation was completed.

Week of Dec. 3, 2018:

Grading activities, over-excavation and backfill will require a lot of truck activity at the site into January. Pipeline installation will begin toward the end of December or early January.

Week of Nov. 19, 2018:

Grading is continuing on site and work will begin soon on over-excavation and compaction of the tank subgrade. A permanent construction fence will be installed along Sand Canyon Avenue by the end of next week.

Week of Nov. 12, 2018:

Shoring has been installed and over-excavation of the tank footprint is underway.

Week of Nov. 5, 2018:

Grading will begin this week, with trucks hauling dirt from the site over the next couple of weeks.

Week of Oct. 29, 2018:

Clearing and grubbing has been completed and the owner of an onsite cellular facility is installing new conduit to power its operations during construction.

Week of Oct. 8, 2018

All necessary landsaping has been cleared for construction, and several trees were boxed up for use at other locations. Replacement trees have been identified that are taller and denser than those that were originally on site. They will be planted once the project is completed. Construction fencing was installed this week.

Week of Sept. 10, 2018

Crews began setup on site this week. Clearing work will follow, with healthy, mature trees being boxed up for storage or replanting.

Week of Aug. 12, 2018:

Some tree removal is expected to begin in September, with construction mobilization to follow.

Click on the video above for a computer-generated illustration of the project as viewed from adjacent streets.

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