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Culver Drive Recycled Water Pipeline Project

Irvine Ranch Water District contractors are replacing 1,200 feet of recycled water pipeline along the west side of University Drive and through the intersection of University and Culver drives.

Project summary: The project involves the excavation of portions of University Drive (indicated in yellow) and Culver Drive (indicated in red). This work is necessary to replace the pipeline and to relocate it where it is more accessible.

When: Mid-September through November.

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Irvine Ranch Water District contractors will be upgrading the sewer line that runs along Michelson Drive from Jamboree Road east beyond Riparian View. Traffic will be heavily impacted by lane closures at construction areas as work is underway.

The project is expected to begin in September continue through October, 2018.

Construction hours:


• From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

• From 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.


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IRWD owns and operates one of the most robust recycled water systems in the nation, with two water recycling plants, hundreds miles of purple pipeline, and thousands of metered customer connections. Vital to this system are four seasonal-storage reservoirs — Rattlesnake, San Joaquin, Sand Canyon and Syphon. The reservoirs are pumped full of recycled water from IRWD’s recycling plants during the cooler, wetter winter months when irrigation demands are low. The water is stored in the reservoirs, and then withdr... Continue Reading »

Irvine Ranch Water District will be constructing a 6,800-square-foot recycled water pump station at Irvine Boulevard and Jeffrey Road in Irvine to enhance the District’s recycled water delivery systems, which are used primarily to irrigate landscapes and medians.

Most construction will take place on site; however, some road work and lane closures will be required across Irvine Boulevard to install pipeline that connects the pumps to the network.

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Irvine Ranch Water District will be installing a second, smaller reservoir at Sand Canyon Avenue and Elysian to increase water storage capacity and create a necessary backup supply of drinking water that will ensure uninterrupted service to Irvine residents. The site is owned and operated by IRWD and contains several drinking-water-related facilities, including a large reservoir.

The project has been designed to maintain the visual character of the neighborhood and to minimize the visual impact o... Continue Reading »

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