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Syphon Reservoir Improvement Project


Photo: Syphon Reservoir


Recycled water is a vital, drought-proof source of water that has been safely treated for reuse after going down the drain. While it is not used for drinking, it is an abundant, affordable and reliable part of the Irvine Ranch Water District’s (IRWD) diverse water supply portfolio. It is used for watering shared community spaces, cooling office buildings, flushing toilets, mixing concrete, industrial uses and fighting regional wildfires.

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Irvine Ranch Water District contractors are installing pipeline corrosion protection systems at eight locations along Laguna Canyon Road and Quail Hill Parkway. The work is a necessary part of the maintenance of local drinking water pipelines.

Project summary: The project involves drilling and excavation work, along with the installation of a new rectifier and anode well at eight locations, (noted in red in the map).

When: Mid-October, 2018, through mid-January, 2019.

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Irvine Ranch Water District contractors will be upgrading the sewer line that runs along Michelson Drive from Jamboree Road east beyond Riparian View. Traffic will be heavily impacted by lane closures at construction areas as work is underway.

The project began construction in December 2018, and following some project- and weather-related delays is now scheduled for completion in September, 2019.

Construction hours:


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IRWD owns and operates one of the most robust recycled water systems in the nation, with two water recycling plants, hundreds miles of purple pipeline, and thousands of metered customer connections. Vital to this system are four seasonal-storage reservoirs — Rattlesnake, San Joaquin, Sand Canyon and Syphon. The reservoirs are pumped full of recycled water from IRWD’s recycling plants during the cooler, wetter winter months when irrigation demands are low. The water is stored in the reservoirs, and then withdr... Continue Reading »

Irvine Ranch Water District will be constructing a 6,800-square-foot recycled water pump station at Irvine Boulevard and Jeffrey Road in Irvine to enhance the District’s recycled water delivery systems, which are used primarily to irrigate landscapes and medians.

Most construction will take place on site; however, some road work and lane closures will be required across Irvine Boulevard to install pipeline that connects the pumps to the network.

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