Public Policy

IRWD is a state and federal leader in water resources public policy and governance. We work with our fellow water and wastewater agencies as well as our statewide and national associations to advance innovative and effective public policy in a variety of fields. IRWD works tirelessly to keep your water rates low and stable; to protect the quality and reliability of your water; and to promote policy initiatives that advance new and innovative technologies and programs. The District's engagement on water resource public policy matters is a key component of these efforts.

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IRWD Policy Principles

The IRWD Board of Directors has adopted policy principles on a number of policy areas and topics. To read the adopted policy principles, please click on the links below:


*Below are issue summaries for several key policy areas:

Water Conservation+
Water Resources & Supply Reliability +
Bay Delta Conservation Plan +
Governance,Transparency & Accountability +
Finance +
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