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June 01, 2023 9:41PM
June 01, 2023 21:41PM

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Turtle Rock Reservoir and Pump Station Project

turtle rock pump station

Irvine Ranch Water District is planning improvements to its Turtle Rock Reservoir and Pump Station on Minaret, which provides safe and reliable drinking water to the community.

The project includes plans to improve and maintain water quality in the reservoir with upgrades that will include a new building for water disinfection and a mixer system to maintain the highest level of water quality in the reservoir. This structure will be located on IRWD's property, southeast of the existing building.

When: March through December, 2023

Construction hours: 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Questions? Email or call 949-453-5500

As a part of this project, the gated entry to the facility will be widened for improved access to the site, and the existing chain link gate will be replaced with an onamental steel gate. A new security fence will be installed across the reservoir acces road to address community concerns about trespassing on the reservoir access road at night.

IRWD has worked with the homeowner's association to ensure that the improvements blend with the surrounding community and maintain the aesthetics of the neighborhood, including providing additional trees to help screen the improvements.

Week of May 29:  Work will be focused this week on underground pipe work. There will be no construction Monday in observance of the Memorial Day holiday.

Week of May 22:  Irrigation relocation work will continue. Construction next week will focus on underground pipe work.

Week of May 15:  Excavation work will take place on top of the reservoir to expose hatch locations for access inside the tank. Irrigation relocation work will continue.

Week of May 8:  Demolition work will be completed this week, and work will begin to identify underground services and connections within the construction area, with that work continuing into the following week.

Week of May 1:  Demolition work will continue this week.

Week of April 24:  Work will continue this week to install fencing, remove trees and plants and concrete structures. Landscaping will be restored when the project is completed.

Week of April 17:  Work will continue this week to clear the site and to install fencing around the construction area.

Week of April 10:  Work will begin this week to clear the site of irrigation lines and vegetation, which will be replaced at the end of the project.