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Test James

Instructions Select your Account Type. Enter the number of people living in your home. Enter the approximate square footage of the irrigated landscaped area outside your home. This figure should not include the portion of your lot taken up by your house, nor should it include "hardscape" such as patio and sidewalk areas. If you have a pool, include it as if it were part of the landscaped area since the pool evaporates roughly the same amount of water used by plants. Enter the month for which you would like a... Continue Reading »
In 1967, the Irvine Ranch Water District began using recycled water to supplement and expand its water supply portfolio. In the half-century since, IRWD's recycled water infrastructure has evolved from a small operation mostly focused agriculture to one of the most comprehensive and technologically advanced recycled water systems in the nation. Recycled water in our District is used primarily for outdoor watering. It's not for drinking. But every gallon of recycled water used saves a gallon of drinking water. Toda... Continue Reading »
What is the problem?

The Orange County Water District (OCWD) is limiting Irvine Ranch Water District’s ability to pump low cost groundwater when compared to other north Orange County water agencies by implementing a policy that excludes recycled water from total water demand calculations. This imposes an unfair financial burden on IRWD customers.

How are water resources managed in Orange County?

North Orange County meets the total water demands of its residents through groundwater, imported water, and... Continue Reading »



For more than 50 years, IRWD has made water supply reliability a top priority through the implementation of water efficient practices and programs and the development of cost effective alternative water supply resources.

In Orange county, locally desalinated water from brackish and ocean water sources continue to be evaluated as potential alternative water supplies. The desalination process converts water with high salts and mineral concentrations into drinking water or water for irr... Continue Reading »



The Irvine Ranch Water District Board of Directors encourages our customers and the community to learn about Proposition 1, the Water Quality, Supply and Infrastructure Act of 2014, a $7.5 billion general obligation bond measure on the November 4 ballot.*  If approved by voters, Proposition 1 would fund investments in water projects and programs as part of a statewide comprehensive water plan for California.

The IRWD Board of Directors has adopted a position of support for Propositi... Continue Reading »


IRWD Wins Innovation Award For Energy Storage ProgramThe IRWD Energy Storage Project was recently selected as a winner at the 6th Annual Golden Hub of Innovation Awards by the Association of California Cities - Orange County (ACC-OC). The Golden Hub of Innovation Awards recognizes local agencies, cities and...
IRWD Professionals Assure Water QualityWhen it comes to delivering safe water to our customers, the bottom line is that Irvine Ranch Water District meets or exceeds all state and federal guidelines for drinking water. Ensuring that quality on a day-to-day basis is the primary responsibility...
Posters Chosen for Annual ContestFive posters created by students who attend school in the Irvine Ranch Water District service area were selected for judging in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s “Water is Life” poster contest. IRWD judges selected the posters from among many...