Water Resources & Supply Reliability

Delta / Water Package: In 2009 the state Legislature passed a comprehensive package of legislation related to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and statewide water supply reliability. IRWD worked closely with a coalition of water agencies to develop and enact this historic legislation.

IRWD Bay Delta Conservation Plan Policy Principles:  The Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) is a joint state and federal effort to develop and implement a 50-year plan that includes a set of water system and ecosystem improvements in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  The plan will serve as the foundation for achieving the legislatively esablished co-equal goals of high-water supply reliability and ecosystem restoration.  IRWD has successfully taken many steps throughout the past two decades to diversify the District's water supply and reduce reliance on imported water, including investment in water recycling, water use efficiency, groundwater production, and water banking programs. IRWD has developed a set of policy principles that describe the District's preffered outcome of the BDCP.

Clean and Renewable Water Bonds: At the federal level, IRWD has worked over the years with partner water agencies to identify revenue sources for innovative water supply projects and facilities across the country. An example of these efforts is the authorization of Clean Renewable Water Supply, or CREWS, bonds which could be used to finance water recycling, desalination, and groundwater contamination clean-up projects. If enacted by Congress, this financing tool will stimulate the use of new technologies, speed up the construction of new water infrastructure facilities, and reduce the future costs of the development of needed new water supplies.