Water Conservation

Weather-Based Irrigation Technology: In 2007, IRWD successfully sponsored AB 566 (Plescia) to develop and enhance existing technology providing weather based data for optimal watering schedules. This bill helped to expand the use “smart sprinklers,” across the state; saving not only precious water resources but also reducing urban runoff which pollutes our waterways.

Conservation Rate Structures:
In 2008, IRWD successfully sponsored AB 2882 (Wolk) which laid the groundwork for more agencies to voluntarily implement allocation based conservation rate structures, like the rate structure used by IRWD. Allocation based conservation rate structures provide customers with economic incentives for efficient water usage and in turn, effectively reduce water consumption.

Statewide Conservation Policy:
IRWD was instrumental in developing the conservation portions of the historic Delta / Water Legislative Package passed by the California Legislature in 2009. The strong and fair statewide water conservation policy established in the package will move California toward meeting then-Governor Schwarzenegger’s goal of a 20% reduction in per capita water use across the state by 2020.