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June 01, 2023 9:37PM
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May 23,2023 | 10:28 AM

Celebrating dam safety at IRWD

National Dam Safety Awareness Day is May 31, a day intended to encourage and promote best practices for dam safety, as well as emergency plans. This year’s theme is, “Dam safety is a shared responsibility: Know your risk; know your role; know the benefits of dams and take action.” IRWD monitors five dams: Sand ...

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Oct 31,2018 | 09:57 AM

Syphon Reservoir Improvement Project

Watch the Project Video     English-subtitles 視頻 비디오 Ver el video An Investment in Our Community's Future The Syphon Reservoir Improvement Project is an investment to increase the capacity of the existing Syphon Reservoir, which is part of Irvine Ranch Water District’s recycled water system. The project will allow ...